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How It works

Customer journey mapping is a process to identify customers' needs and create a visual representation of their experiences. It helps to identify touchpoints on the customer journey and develop strategies to improve the customer experience.

  • Collection of customer data
  • Developing technical requirements
  • Contracting IT team
  • Development of MVP
  • Adding users and configuring profiles
  • Testing in-house
  • Testing by the customer
  • Integrating improvements (if necessary)
  • Deployment of final version
  • Instructing the customer
  • Customer lifelong support
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An all-in-one platform that gives you more

We drive innovation to provide our clients with effective modular tools tailored to their specific needs with the highest value for money and additional B2B collaboration opportunities within our ecosystem.


Enhance your regulatory compliance across the regions

Serialize individual products according to GS1 or any other applicable standards. Trace them as they move through the supply chain with the Blockchain. Validate drug authenticity at each point. Draft and share required regulatory reports easily. This functionality can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

Full data ownership

Maintain full data ownership

Maintain control over the data while still participating in a transparent and tamper-proof network. Exchange and manage product details and statuses effectively while ensuring compliance with privacy rights.

Point to point connectivity

Achieve point-to-point connectivity and network visibility

Establish seamless data exchange between different entities within your supply chain. Track the movement of products throughout in real-time. Better understand demand patterns and optimize inventory levels. Prevent counterfeit and other types of fraud.

Flows hassle free

Manage product back flows hassle-free

Manage drug back flows seamlessly. Automatically send alerts to all the affected partners about drug recalls or returns as soon as they happen. Draft and submit necessary regulatory acts and other documentation.

Protect your customers

Protect your customers and patients from drug defficiencies

Know about product shortages in advance. Notify all the affected partners and patients. Cooperate with other ecosystem participants to quickly replenish necessary raw materials or substitutes, or otherwise address the situation in a collaborative environment.

Secure data blockchain

Secure your sensitive data with the Blockchain

Keep all the sensitive information encrypted, and supply chain transactions secured with an immutable ledger. Ensure that only verified and authorized data is recorded. Prevent any fraudulent or erroneous information from entering the chain. Automate processes with smart contracts. Maintain trust with your partners.

Benefit with token

Benefit more with our token

Collaborate securely in the safe and truncated environment. Pay for services on the platform easily with PharmaTrace token. Receive incentives for engagement. Take part in the ecosystem governance and development.

Drug Family Section

Seamlessly manage drug families, batches/lots & more with a dedicated section in your company space.

Drug Family

Product Tracking Module

Track each item’s precise location in real time with the Product Tracking Module.

Product Tracking Module

Visualization of Drug Shortages

Get instant drug shortage insights to safeguard and notify your partners and patients in advance.

Visualization of Drug Shortages

Interactive Drug Location Map

Discover drug availability globally with our Interactive Drug Location Map.

Interactive Drug Location Map

Everything you need to ensure regulatory traceability compliance, manage data, recalls, predict shortages and communicate effectively with your network partners and market peers.

PharmaTrace Playbook:
Blockchain Pharma Supply Chain Traceability Transformation

Know More How to Ensure Your Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance in an Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Hassle-Free Way.

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